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Don't Let Body Shaming Interrupt, This Is the Way to Deal With It

Have you ever heard the comments about your body? For example, "How come your body is so thin?" or "After giving birth, your body becomes fat, huh?". If ever, maybe you experience body shaming. Come on, see tips to deal with it. Body shaming is the behavior of criticizing a person's body shape. Body shaming can have negative effects, such as stress, eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, and even depression. Various Ways to Face Body Shaming There are several ways you can do to deal with body shaming, namely: 1. Learn to love yourself For some people, loving yourself is not easy. However, you can start learning to love yourself by convincing yourself and saying good things about your body. You also need to remember that you are valuable. Avoid paying too much attention to all the negative sentences around you about your body shape. 2. Be wise on social media Nowadays social media has become a necessity. You can use social media as a means to g
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Mother, Recognize the Causes of Bloody Defecation in Infants and How to Overcome It

Mother may panic when she sees blood on a baby's diaper after defecation. Even so, bowel bleeding in infants is not always a sign of danger. In some conditions, it turns out this is common. When you see blood and reddish color in a baby's bowel, pay attention to the texture and amount of blood in the stool, and health conditions. Mothers should understand the various causes so that they can determine when your child should be immediately taken to the doctor to get the right treatment. Various Causes of Bloody Chapter in Infants There are various causes of the discovery of blood in bowel movements in infants, namely: 1. Food intake The baby's digestive system is still in its infancy, so certain foods, drinks, or medicines consumed are sometimes not digested properly. This causes sometimes the color or texture of food consumed in baby's stool is sometimes found. Baby stool can be red if he eats a dish that has a red substance, such as beets or tomatoes. When you

Excellence of Facial Serum that Must Be Known to Women

One product that is often used by women to treat their faces to look beautiful and charming is facial serum. Facial serum is considered to be more effective than regular creams or moisturizers, because it has a higher concentration of active ingredients. The advantage of facial serum also lies in the active ingredient molecules which are smaller than other skin care products. The small size of this active ingredient makes facial serum easier to get into the pores of the face faster. Excellence of Facial Serum In the face serum, contains a large concentration of active ingredients, including antiaging agents, antioxidants, peptides, and skin lightening, such as kojic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. In addition, these products are generally water-based. In fact, some facial serum products do not use oils at all. The choice of a number of women for facial serum in treating their beauty is also based on the reason that this facial serum has a lighter texture, is easily ab